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Life Events

At St Andrew's we offer a range of services including baptisms, wedding blessings and funerals.

Please contact the Chaplain for further details on or (+34) 621 279 064

Wedding blessings & renewal of vows

It would be difficult to imagine a more lovely island on which to get married or to renew your existing wedding vows, perhaps on a special wedding anniversary.
It is common practice for people to talk about ‘getting married’ in Mallorca.  In reality the couple will have had a civil ceremony where they live, and come to Mallorca for a wedding blessing. 
If you are planning to hold your ceremony in the North or East of Mallorca, Bill Boyce, Chaplain of St Andrew’s, Puerto Pollensa will be pleased to help.  Having the ceremony conducted by an Ordained Minister can add an extra spiritual dimension to the day.

Our church in Puerto Pollensa is available to all, regardless of nationality or faith, and our excellent relationships with the island’s Roman Catholic Priests mean that we can often arrange for marriages and wedding blessings to take place in other locations on the island.



Baptisms are normally carried out in a person’s own church. This is so that the newly baptised infant/adult can be seen to be joining the family of the church where they live and be welcomed into its membership. As part of the service the local congregation will be asked to commit to supporting the child/adult in their journey of faith. If you are a visitor or tourist to Mallorca we would strongly recommend that you contact your local church in the first instance.

At a child’s baptism, the parents are thanking God for the gift of life, deciding to start the child on the journey of faith, and asking for the church’s support.

The baptism of both adults and children normally takes place during our main Sunday morning service.



Inevitably we have our quota of funerals within the resident community and, sadly, sometimes from amongst visitors on holiday.

The funeral service is arranged with respect for the person who has died, but also trying to address the needs of those who are left.

The Christian hope is expressed in a way which is intended to give people something to reflect on, but by no means giving easy answers.


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